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Hello! My name is Darren

A multidisciplinary designer based in Brooklyn, New York.

Layout Exploration


After finishing the 365 Day Poster Challenge I started looking for another type of challenge that would be different. I still wanted the idea of creating something every day, but I did not want to do it in a poster format. When I began the Experiments I did not know how to start. I began by browsing for inspiration on Behance and Instagram. I discovered many designers experimenting with showcasing art in various layouts and trying to portray a story or theme in those layouts. Using that as the basis I began doing my own variation of layouts and storytelling. Inspired by Instagram artists: Foxrockettstudio and Rimatelier

Typography & Textures


As I finished Day 30 I looked back at the new work to see the direction I was heading towards. While I did like doing the layouts I had the same issue as when I started doing the 365 Day Poster Challenge: the work feels repetitive, simple, and clean. I wanted to branch out and try something more experimental dealing with typography and texture, but still having some layout in the piece. That led to this series of artworks combining texture, type, and subtle design elements. Inspired by Instagram artists: Foxrockettstudio, Albumartarchive, Zakaria, AmTakeThat

Experimental Posters


After finishing Day 70, I got tired of the square format and I had an interest in going back to my roots of designing posters. The reason I had for creating these posters was for them to have no purpose.