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Hello! My name is Darren

A multidisciplinary designer based in Brooklyn, New York.

Eimi Restaurant

Brand Identity 2021

​Eimi is a conceptual immersive dining experience in an underwater Japanese seafood restaurant. The restaurant is set on bringing customers closer to the aquatic wildlife and appreciating the beauty of the ocean. However, there is a twist: Eimi only serves non-seafood alternatives. Japanese cuisine mainly involves seafood, this decision to serve non-seafood alternatives shows the restaurant is staying true to its goal of preserving wildlife. The design system for Eimi revolves around minimalism and the Japanese philosophy Wabi-Sabi.

Many business cards in Japan have their information in Japanese and in English. The way kanji is read can be vertical and horizontal. This opened up a bunch of opportunities to play around with the text. The finalized design has the information vertically aligned in Japanese and horizontally aligned in English.

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