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Brand Identity, 2023

For this project, I was given the prompt "redesign something that you already consider ‘great’ design". With this in mind, I chose to work on a new strategy approach for Fiverr and develop a brand identity system that best adapts the ethos of the company.

Design System

Fiverr is primarily a on digital service model so I developed a system based on the idea of digital dialogue modules and using cartoonish iconography to represent fun personalities.


Since 2010, Fiverr has been revolutionizing work through its on-demand global freelance marketplace for digital services.



The brand is perceived as a marketplace filled with amateurs where you can buy design at a cheap price. 


So why not use this to our advantage? Instead of trying to build on this idea of professionalism why don’t we reinforce its existing brand awareness:


Not taking itself too serious and having fun along the way

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