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I.M.PEI Brand & Book

Brand Identity, Editorial, 2022

I.M. Pei believed in making timeless and enduring architecture reflecting the needs and values of its users, while also being integrated harmoniously into its surroundings. He emphasized simplicity, clarity, and balance in design, drawing inspiration from the natural world.

Using his ideology and philosophy, I explored various options and designs using gestalt theory to develop the brand identity and further expand the work in other mediums: such as the book.

365 Day Poster Challenge

Posters, 2020-2021

The book follows I.M.Pei's belief of modernism that form follows function.

However, there is a twist with the book. There is no images of buildings, renderings, objects, or images of architecture. I.M.Pei was influenced by nature so this book interprets his philosophy through the natural environment.

During the exploration process I experimented with Gestalt Principles and how those principles could be used to create a form with intention.

He is bold and pragmatic with his choices to create something everlasting but it needs to also be rooted into history and aspire to be something greater.

The works of I.M.Pei are very geometric with a purpose in form and structure.

Research & Process


From the start I had no idea who I.M. Pei was or the work he did. So my approach was to research his ideas and philosophy: the main driving force towards his works.

I.M.Pei Book
Form Follows Intention

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