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Hello! My name is Darren

A multidisciplinary designer based in Brooklyn, New York.

Nurture Album Design

Packaging 2022

My challenge was to combine ambient music and the art deco movement, which have nothing in common. However, when I listened to Porter Robinson's latest album "nurture" there was the idea of continuity and growth through his journey of creating the album.


His songs has representations tied to nature and water to show his comfort, but also his difficulties. Art Deco focuses on the idea of continuous repetition of patterns where it is limitless. This album design aims to incorporate the concept of continuity and never-ending personal growth.

Nurture portrays the idea of a continuous story being told on Robinson struggling to create his album. Through the process, he struggles with mental health and strives to get better with every step along the way. The record is using a double-sided color scheme of green and black to represent his personal growth through his struggles.

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