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Hello! My name is Darren

A multidisciplinary designer based in Brooklyn, New York.


OfflineTV is an online social entertainment group of content creators based in Los Angeles, California. The group surged in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic; breaking new records, setting new trends, etc. This year marks their 6th year together as a group and not many people know about their origins.



Finding the problem space in the OfflineTV community, including the content outputs such as Twitch, Youtube, etc...

Three qualitative user interviews
Secondary research to discover quantitive information.

The influx of newcomers only watches one particular type of content while long-time watchers are open to different kinds of content.

Not many newcomers know about their origins and core values causing verbal conflicts between the long-time viewers and newcomers.



Finding needs and pain points from users of both categories:
Long-time watchers & newcomers.

With the defined problem statement, I conducted more user interviews to validate my findings and find the answers to open questions.

6 users (3 newcomers & 3 long-time watchers) who watch on a consistent basis.

Interview Goals:

1. To understand what it feels like to be involved in an online community.

2. To understand their behavior and pain points in the viewing experience.

3. To understand what makes them motivated to be involved.


1. It's hard to find content produced more than three months old.

  • Twitch removes past broadcasts older than 3 months.

  • Youtube mainly just contains short clips and highlights of events that happened.

2. Past content is so scarce there is no way to view events in chronological order.

  • Twitch’s order of content is based on the most number of views/clicks.

  • Youtube content only recommends the highest viewing similar to what you just watched.

3. Viewers are involved in the community because the creator they watch is relatable and they don’t want to miss out.

  • Twitch & Youtube has a live viewing experience and many people in communities are just trying to find someone they can share their passions with.

Defined Problem Statement

How can we provide an interactive experience for newcomers to learn about OfflineTV and bridge the gap with long-time viewers?


An interactive timeline website collection showing all of OfflineTV’s events in chronological order.

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