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UI/UX Design 2021

Many students have struggled with online learning. This was more apparent during COVID-19 where everyone experienced it and found most classes to be uninteresting, lacking in social interaction, and hard to stay focused. They also found it hard to communicate with the staff. As of now, the world is looking to go back to normal, but students still have to take online classes.

User Story #1

As a student, I want to see the types of classes being offered without having to register so that I know I am interested in the lessons before creating an account.

User Story #2

I want there to be different styles of teaching and difficulty so that I can find the class that best suits my level and accommodates my style of learning.

User Story #3

I want there to be a community so that I can chat with people who share similar interests with me. I also want there to be a way to search for specific groups to join.

User Research

I find my online classes to be boring and I tend to struggle to stay motivated during the class.

Denver Jones

I find online classes difficult because there is no time to ask the professor for help or advice.

Joseph Braum

Too many people in my online classes. I want the class size to be smaller and more efficient.

Sam Stache

User Frustrations


  • Hard to maintain motivation during online classes

  • Not much social interaction with other students

  • Not much interactive content


  • Offer engaging and immersive interactive content to get students to stay motivated in class.

  • Accommodate for the difference in experience and skill sets for students.

  • Offer students a reliable method of connecting with other students in the field based on interests and aspirations.

  • Build a more responsive community and help station for students.

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