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Project Overview:

UX Design, UI Design, App Design

We purchased affordable light bulbs through Alipay, which came with a companion mobile app for controlling light intensity and color. The core objective was to enhance the Smart Bulb App, originally developed by Tuya. My goal was to make the app more user-friendly, intuitive, and convenient. Departing from circular slide bars, I went for a utilitarian design featuring straightforward bottom sliders, complemented by a visually appealing display of color changes through gradient spheres.


3 weeks (Winter 2023)




Melike Turgut & Peter Colon

My Role

UX Researcher & UI Designer


  • The home/log in page is not necessary, nobody will sign up just to use a light bulb.

  • No need to connect to wifi, bluetooth connection is enough.

  • Slide bars are not suitable for finger sizes

  • Music page is confusing, remove it

  • Not enough contrast of colors.

  • Rename tabes to “Tones”, “Hue”, “Scenes”


  • Use gradient spheres to depict colors of light.

  • Reduce cognitive load by simplifying process of changing the setting of the lighting

  • Make sliders larger and add swipe feature to switch between brightness, hue, and saturation.

  • Make music section more accessible/user friendly



The initial design was overly complex, burdening users with numerous interactions that often led to confusion. My efforts to simplify the app and reduce cognitive load have made improvements, but there are still lingering complications.

Exploring Gestures 

In this app redesign, I primarily incorporated swipe gestures to streamline the user experience. However, there may be an opportunity to integrate additional gestures, potentially leading to fresh insights on how to enhance accessibility and simplicity beyond the current outcome.

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