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Project Overview:

UX Design, UX Strategy, Web Interface

A quick sprint research explore on discovering opportunity spaces and further enhancing an existing experience. I chose to explore more in the streaming industry, specifically with a streaming group, and how a viewer can further be involved in the community.


3 weeks (Fall 2022)




Shawn Hasto

My Role

UX/UI Researcher & Designer


OfflineTV is an online social entertainment group of content creators based in Los Angeles, California. The group surged in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic; breaking new records, setting new trends, etc...



Finding the problem space in the OfflineTV community, including the content outputs such as Twitch, Youtube, etc...

Three qualitative user interviews
Secondary research to discover quantitive information.


The influx of newcomers only watch one particular type of content while long-time watchers are open to different kinds of content.

Not many newcomers know about their origins and core values causing verbal conflicts between the long-time viewers and newcomers.

Defined Problem Statement

How can we provide an interactive experience for newcomers to learn about OfflineTV and bridge the gap with long-time viewers?

Initial Design Thoughts

An interactive timeline ought to incorporate a narrative aspect akin to the experience of reading a book. I aimed to manifest this concept through a website designed in an accordion style, allowing elements to be stacked and layered, enabling users to flip through them as though turning the pages of a book.